Kaveh Mehranvar
Iranian/Canadian Citizen

I am Kaveh Mehranvar, 42 years old, a businessman and investor. Now with the investments I've made in Canada for many years, I have the privilege of several successful companies in the United States and Canada. My first interest in trading began with my father's economic activity in a factory in Iran. I was born in Tehran and grew up in Zaferanie neighborhood. My father was a businessman and investor too. By expanding my father’s activities in international trade, at the age of 11, we immigrated to Canada. This migration, of course, have some returns at many times. Because my father still owned his factory in Iran, I also came to Iran with him to
getting to know the condition of his factory. These trips and its challenges, made Kaveh Mehranvar interested in Commerce. In those years, my father traveled continuously to several countries along them Turkey, the United Kingdom and Canada, and sometimes stayed in one of these countries for a time. Naturally, my studies have also taken place in different countries. My first interest in studying was International Business and Risk Management, but over the time, I was also interested in engineering and I studied Civil Engineering. Nowadays I run nearly 10 companies in so many different fields. Some of them are: Rock enterprises Ltd, Kaveh General Trading, Kaveh Investment Group, Porsazan Kaveh, Mystic Entertainment, KMK Enterprises Ltd, K2 Investment Group, Diamond Property Management Group, Ki Media Group, Hawk Enterprises Inc, Sunrise Build & Design Inc.
Kaveh Mehranvar Education:
Civil Engineer, Marketing Essential, Principles Economics, Risk Management, Investment Fundamentals, Basic Financial Concepts, Financial Performance, Accounting Principles, Essential Management Skills, Human Resource Management, Economics and International Business, International law, Marketing and Communications, Finance and Accounting.

My Education

Civil Engineer, Marketing essential, Principles economics, Risk management, Investment fundamentals, Basic financial concepts, Financial performance, Accounting principles, Essential management skills, Human resource management, Economics and international business, International law, Marketing and communications, Finance and accounting. 

My Companies

  • Rock Enterprises Ltd - Kaveh General Trading - Kava Investment Group
  • Porsazan Kaveh - Mystic Entertainment - Kmk Enterprises Ltd
  • K2 Investment Group - Diamond Property Management Group
  • Ki Media Group - Hawk Enterprises Inc - Sunrise Build & Design

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Phone / E-mail:

Direct Line: 14164593737
Toll Free: 18334593737
Email: info@kavehmehranvar.com
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Canada - Toronto